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WTF iStock? — Part 1 — Happy Family

As a web designer I often times spend a better part of my day up to my ears in mediocre photos as well as some real gems in iStockPhoto. However, today culminated in something amazing. We’re doing a booth for an upcoming trade conference and I was looking for good images of families. I found some great ones. They really captured the moment; fathers in love with their boys, wives thrilled with how their kids were growing up. Sentimental goodness that you’d likely see on a bus driving by you or on a banner ad for some new restaurant or vacation hot spot.

Shortly thereafter, s*** went off the rails. In an otherwise normal search for “happy family” I came across some massive lumps of coal that only through the massive pressure of the omnipresent eyes of the web are now available as diamonds for you to enjoy. This also begins my first pass in an [what I hope will be] ongoing series of massive blunders, photographic horrors and a larger stockpocalypse. Mind you, I only made it through about 1600 photos. There are still another 70k+ to dive into and enjoy … JUST in this set.

Without further adieu … I give you WTF iStock? — Happy Family. If you have other classics that match up with the theme, please bring these to the light of the world for others to revel in and perhaps even draw a single tear from laughter or sorrow for tainting the web just a little bit.

“Young Family”

“Portrait of a happy family standing together”
These guys are neither happy … nor a family. They are however a capital-T-trainwreck though

“Active Mother and Daughter”
On a side note, I think this probably was moderately well thought out but unfortunately POORLY implemented

“Child in Spring”

“Happy Man and Pregnant Woman”

“Father Holding Baby Daughter, Giving Her a Kiss”
*Note that in all of the photos in this series, his hair is in this EXACT ‘windblown’ state

“Pregnant Woman with Her Husband: Sitting”

And my personal fave definitely for the day, if not for 2011 thus far goes to

“Teeth Brushing”
A.K.A Mixed Oral Hygiene Messages. The guy is flossing … but I think everyone knows he’s just saying how he really feels about taking care of his gums.

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