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Produkt Review | the Ikea milk frother

We walk past it on nearly every 3rd aisle, scratching our heads…is it worth the $2.99? The “it” I’m referring to is the ubiquitous Ikea Produkt milk frother.

Produkt milk frother from Ikea

"Produkt" milk frother from Ikea

I sacrificed for the greater good and bit.  Today, I gave it a “spin”  to determine whether it was worthy investment.

I’m here to tell you, yes…yes it is!

Let’s start with some fresh, cold milk so you can see the volume I’m working with:

A mere 45 seconds in the micro and a quick buzz of this handy little device, and I had the most velvety, creamy, luscious foam ever!  So productive, it nearly doubled in volume!

What you're not seeing here is the overflow down the backside...whoops!

Normally I would have a double shot in this glass, but I was only able to have a solo macchiato, but BEAUTIFUL!  I had to finish it with a spoon :)

macchiato = marking of the foam. And lemme tell ya what...it was marked!

You want it, don't lie!

So next time you’re at Ikea, do yourself a favor and pick up the Produkt milk frother.  Soon your lattes will be rivaling that of the Mother Ship!


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