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X Marks the Spot

Yesterday my mom had a catheter ablation on her heart. Sounds like a crazy procedure as they enter through both femoral arteries and snake their way up to the heart. Here, they monitor everything via tons of gizmos, doodads, and meds that cause the heart to spasm and then rest so they can spot the exact portion of the heart they need to more or less disable because it’s playing too rough with the rest of the organ. Batty huh? Thankfully, they were able to find the perfect spot to ablate and her ticker is working better than the Concord C1 Tourbilion Gravity watch … and keeping her around for many more years is worth more than all the tech bling on the web. Love you mom!


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  1. Carol
    Posted April 20, 2011 at 10:36 am | #

    I love you too Bill!

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