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Singer Songerwriter

This one goes out to my buddy Adam Ford who back in the day made a small grammatical error that has really yet to be let down. Rich and Papa Mongillo, help me out. I think it was for some tribute to Joni Mitchell and the comp made it all the way through to production with “Singer Songerwriter” in there. Granted we’ve all made these sorts of botched comps, but this one still cracks me up. Oh, and the other meaning of the sewing machine is to promote East Pike Factory for the Etsy Global Craft Party they’re hosting tonight. Maybe the singers and sergers there will help give us super-singer strength for later.

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  1. corinne
    Posted June 13, 2011 at 10:51 am | #

    thx for dropping by later and participating in the super singer fest :) wouldn’t have been the same without your lovely faces!

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