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Belltown Crack Dealers Against Sidewalk Chalk

Last night after a great evening at the Rendezvous and Tavolàta, Spun and I were making our way up Second Ave towards the Light Rail. As we passed one of our favorite coffee shops, Bedlam, we saw some great sidewalk chalk. “Crack free zone” was sprawled out for all to see and some tweakers to acknowledge. Surrounding it was a big semicircle, essentially outlining the café from the rest of one of the shadiest blocks in Belltown for deals. Now don’t think that they’re trying to segregate their customers from the rest of the standard fare on the corner, oh no! Not our Bedlam. They even have room for the crazies! Bless their hearts. On the corner where the lionshare of deals I’ve seen in Belltown go down (other corner is 3rd and Pine … what a trainwreck that corner is) they outlined an area specifically for dealers. “Crack Dealers Stand Here” helps people know where to go for crack and conversely safe places to sell it. Bedlam, Smitten + Spun love you.


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