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Eastern Cajun Engine Bloc

Stay with me here

In our hood, we see a lot of random things. Today was no exception. While hoofing it down to the light rail with a good friend and neighbor, we stumbled upon a pickup full of engine blocks. I loved the red tape cutting through the essentially black and white mess of cylinders, gears, belts, chains and iron. On the light rail there was a guy who was riding his bicycle with a tuba strapped to the back rack. Par for the course right?

But how does the Eastern Bloc or Cajun part fit in? On the Lenora St Lookout (over Elliot Bay) there’s been a recent string of pretty awful tags. Not grotesque or filthy in nature, just … well, unimaginative and kinda sloppy. Cajun was one of these tags in a mix of about a half dozen others. As for the Eastern Bloc part, if you look into the reflection of the water, you’ll see three masts. Those belong to the Pallada, a 354′ long three masted frigate from Russia that is making a west coast tour. They took a stop off in Kodiak, Alaska (hometown of my homeboy Bobby at Hostdango) on July 20th, 2011 and are heading down the coast to San Francisco, and Los Angeles before they hit up Honolulu. I guess it commemorates the 270th anniversary of Russia colonizing Alaska (that worked out well in the end) and 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s pioneering space flight. Well done Yuri! You were the first person in space and the first man to orbit Earth. Amazing that you did this 50 years ago. Glad you stuck around to learn about what inspired the hodgepodge of photos today.


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