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My Little Ponies Tag Seattle

Yesterday, after snapping the photo of the rose, I saw a great new wheatpaste graphic on the back side of My Little Pony. This pony was a sad pony … and to be honest, a little cracked out. One mare tooth, and the rump image was of a duck holding an umbrella. To be fair though, colorful paisley dreams were spewing from the lil’ pony. Nestled under an umbrella, away from the rain, a lot of detail went into this graphic. Kudos. Additionally, I was amazed that My Little Ponies had their own has tag, #mlp … who knew they had entered the realm of social media? These are some smart ponies! Oh, and what’s with the HTC disclaimer? Are they in on cell development too? They sure have grown up!


Today, I was on my way to snap that photo. Instead I was caught off guard by an equally impressive pony on a hydrant outside of The Crocodile. This one is substantially more giddy with life (despite probably being peed on a number of times by antsy, cooped up Belltown puppies) with a unicorn horn and a star encrusted heart on her bum. Two gold stars for the name of this My Little Pony.

So this all returns back to my childhood. I feel like I need a leather chaise at this point to divulge the next portion of the story. My sister and her fiancé will be flying up for her 10 year high school reunion this weekend and we’re going to be kicking it with them while they’re passing through town. She was a massive fan of My Little Ponies growing up and this Belltown discovery struck me as great timing. She periodically sends me great LA graffiti, huge murals done with spray cans. These tiny ponies hit home for me with nostalgia and yet another common bond to share.

Now if I could only get that theme song out of my head…

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