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iUnderstand my iNfatuation a bit more

For all intents and purposes, this should be a rant right now. It is, however, somewhat of a reflection on what I love to do and how that sometimes works out poorly.

Last night, around 10pm I started upgrading to iOS 5.0 Beta. I knew that I should have been climbing into bed momentarily, but the temptation for shininess was too great. I had to get it onto my iPhone 4 and iPad. Four hours later, I was crawling into bed with a bricked iPhone and an iPad that was still going through a restoration process. The main culprit, from what I could gather, was not the installation process of the new iOS. It was, instead our internet dropping out RIGHT at a critical moment when iTunes and xCode needed to talk with some Apple server and couldn’t. Thus a communication meltdown led to a late night and early morning breakdown that rivaled … well the last time I tried to do the exact same thing for my iPhone 3Gs.

So it’s my own damn fault that I stayed up late and am exhausted today. No mistake about that one. Spun and I now have a rule that no major technological endeavors will begin after 10pm. This love, hate relationship I have with staying on the cusp of Apple technology is good to a point. However, there comes a time when I need to break free from the chains that tether me to this aging love-affair and do things that are actually important … like snuggle with my wife and sleep a full eight hours. Thankfully, iOS 5 is one step ahead of me by making updates wireless to the cloud. ;-) Perhaps we can work a clause into the new rule for unless working from a pillowtop mattress on iCloud tasks. I’m sure she’ll go for it.

As an aside, yes, this photo was one that was somewhat similar ages ago, which was intentional. My phone was in a weird limbo zone where it hadn’t fully been restored as I was walking in. It was half alive, half dead still. As a result, I figured a photo of a former life for the iPhone would be fitting. Also, this is the corner where I laid into a canvasser yesterday for running towards me as I was running up the hill with my skateboard. Cancel, cancel. Love, love.


  1. corinne
    Posted August 17, 2011 at 1:27 pm | #

    i love this photo. and empathize with the story behind it.

  2. DadTinney
    Posted August 17, 2011 at 8:15 pm | #

    I wonder where you got that love/hate relationship with technology. Sorry for the genetic transfer.

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