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Lookout Lenora!

I love the Lenora St Lookout. Spun took me here early on in our relationship for a late night walkabout of Belltown and her favorite spots. This spot, albeit frequented by a lot of homeless who love to leave overnight gifts on the stairs for early morning commuters such as myself, is flanked by gardens and ends up jutting out to one of the best views of the Puget Sound, Olympics, and West Seattle in the city.

For the past two years and I’ve been watching these vines grow. They take over the trees, flow off the side of the bridge and have made for review cycle metaphors. Today, like most days when I walk down the stairs, I was checking to see if the light was right to shoot up at the hanging vines. I’ve been wanting a shot of this for some time now because they hang about two to three stories from above, swinging in the cool morning breeze. Perfect. But alas, I didn’t have the right lens … so I improvised and shot something more geometric than literal, using the Viaduct, pillar, and bridge above to create a sweet negative space. I’ll likely post up some of the graffiti from here next week. There are two pieces I’ve been meaning to share for some time now.


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