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All I want for Christmas is a Barbie troll doll

Ok, confession time. I used to spin my sister’s Barbies around by their hair until their heads popped off. The bodies really flew pretty good distances, even for ten or eleven year old standards. Im not sure if it was their aerodynamics that helped or the hair length that contributed to the centrifugal force. Either way, they sailed. Often times it’d be the result of a LEGO army invasion, or the need to teach Strawberry Shortcake and her crew who’s boss before they decided to “bake any schemes” for global toy domination.

So when I saw this graffiti today, it reminded me of my days as the older brother being … well … an older brother. It looked as of someone strapped a Blair Witch Project-esque camera to Barbie and sent her spinning. Conversely she may have just been out partying late with the pink haired trolls against Ken’s wishes down next to the Belltown “dog park” on a late Saturday night. I always wondered how she stayed so thin.

Now I can’t get the shouts of Barbie looking for her rock money out of my head. Super squeaky, “gimme mah fie dolla!” … oh the joys of a childhood imagination melding with the reality of downtown. Thanks Barbie for the hilarious visual.

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