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Georgetown Trailer Park Mall is Shabby Chic

Georgetown always puts their own spin on things, so it makes sense that they’d do the same when setting up a “mall.” a bunch of old school 5th wheels are set up with their doors open and interiors pretty much removed entirely for the sake of maximizing “retail floor space” within. Nachos were set out with nuclear yellow cheeze for all to enjoy. A dude was playing VJ with a couple video tracks and music from his iPod (Pink Floyd), projecting it HUGE on a neighboring warehouse wall. Some big kid in a speedo was dancing his bum off and shaking it like a Polaroid picture too. Sad about Polaroid by the way. I really ought to do a Polaroid week or something, hitting a number of their films. I digress. Good times on the Art Attack, though, we really didn’t see a lot of art like we tend to in Belltown or Capital Hill. Oh well, we followed the arrow to the mall, and that was worth roaming behind Jules Maes for.

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