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The wires crossed and the laptop died

This morning was epic. Pristine skies. So much sin I thought we woke up somewhere other than Seattle. I get into the office and go to fire up my trusty 17″ MacBook Pro from early 2008 who’s seen it all.


After 20 min of trying this and that I decide to head home to work on Spun’s. Unfortunately, my PSDs are gone and the ones I do have don’t play very nicely with Photoshop CS3.

Fast forward 6+ hours and the deadline I had, comes and goes. An hour and a half more go by making Franken-mocks essentially stealing pieces from prior comps, splicing them together as best I can.

What a clusterf*ck.

Tomorrow, my calm little Saturday will be spent diagnosing the problem and perhaps plopping in a solid state drive, as I think that’s the failure point.

Time to celebrate a friend’s birthday and the end of a terrible work day.

The day itself may still en up being pretty awesome. Only time will tell.

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