English speaking provinces canada

Information The Commissioner of Official Languages Filing a Complaint Annual ReportsOfficial languages in the provinces and territories.

Representing upwards of 30 local and provincial organizations, the socit de lacadie du nouveau-brunswick seeks to unite the provinces acadian community and to foster its development.

English speaking provinces canada

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In 1999 by the alberta government in recognition of its commitment to its francophone citizenry, the francophone secretariat represents the needs of albertas french-speaking community within the provincial government by serving as a liaison and by supporting initiatives to promote the french language and culture in alberta.

In 1978, the northwest territories french federation represents the french-speaking community of the northwest territories at the federal and territorial levels.

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In 1919, the socit saint-thomas-daquin represents the acadian and francophone population of prince edward island and works to ensure that all acadian and french-speaking islanders can live and thrive in french.

It is also responsible for relations with other provincial and territorial governments and for relations with french-speaking canadians throughout canada.

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Assemble de la francophonie de lontario was created in 2006, with the merger of the association canadienne-franaise dducation de lontario (founded in 1910) and the direction de lentente canada-communaut ontario (established in 2000).

In 1981, the association francophone du nunavut represents the territorys french-speaking community and works to protect and promote the french language and culture across nunavut.

Learn English via Listening Level 3 - Lesson 4 - Canada : Provinces and Territories

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In 1912 to promote the interests and defend the rights of saskatchewans french-speaking populationbetter known as the fransaskoisthe assemble communautaire fransaskoise is the provincial advocate of saskatchewans francophone community.

The organization provides information on the provinces francophone population and ensures that ontarians have access to french services in the 25 designated areas in which ontario guarantees the right to be served in french.

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Association des juristes dexpression franaise du nouveau-brunswick provides legal services in french to the public, gives its members and other interested parties access to full legal documentation in french, acts as an advocate with public authorities and promotes access to legal services in french in new brunswick and elsewhere in canada by informing french-speaking citizens about their rights.

In 1945, the fdration des francophones de la colombie-britannique represents british columbias french-speaking community and works to increase french-language services in the province.

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It also works with the department of canadian heritage, which provides most of its funding, to ensure that federal government offices meet their obligations under the official languages act of canada.

In cooperation with its nine member organizations, the federation provides political representation and support to french-speaking communities in the northwest territories to foster their development and enhance their vitality.

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