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Despite a proliferation of english language schools (for both children and adults) in these countries, and a keen interest in studying english, these asian countries remain at the bottom when it comes to english proficiency.

Company signs, road signs and advertisements are in english (think about it -- are any of those things taught in a regular text-book based english language classroom?

Truth is we actually have more people who speak english in the philippines than the national languageenglish is learned even outside of school because a lot of the communications done in english, public signs are in english, television, internets all in english.

Some korean families even move to the philippines so their children can learn english in public schools.

Learn english in filipine

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If the asian countries at the bottom of the toefl score list want to improve, they need to start treating english as a working language and a means of communication.

The philippines you can see english everywhere, on the signs, in businesses and offices, in schools.

've just come back from the philippines where english is an official language, along with the local filipino language.

Success in the philippines is due to its approach to learning english, not just teaching it.

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Are hundreds of private and public schools in the philippines that teach english or teach in english.

I stepped into a taxi in manila, the driver was listening to a radio news program that featured two pundits discussing a recent bus accident -- in both english and filipino simultaneously.

To an educational testing service (ets) ranking based on toefl (test of english as a foreign language) scores for 2010, the philippines ranked 35th out of 163 countries world wide.

This does not mean that everyone understands or speaks english but it does mean that exposure to the language is so great that those who do speak it can communicate quite fluently.

Speaking English in The Philippines

The best thing about the Philippines is its people The Think American, feel Spanish and act Asian.

Theyre a child they learn english and they know the difficulty of speaking english for beginners its better to study in the philippines.

.In most asian countries, students learn english through grammar and translation from the mother language.

While the us helped plant the seeds for learning english, it was the country itself that took enough interest to dedicate resources and attention to maintaining the language after the americans left.

Ranked at the bottom in the english test scores were south korea at 80th (score of 81), china at 105th (score 77) and japan at 135th place with a score of 70.

Koreans say Philippines still the best place to learn English

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, the philippines deserves credit for its approach to learning english which is much different from that of japan, china and south korea, where english is seen more as a subject in school than a means of communication.

Not only is english taught in schools, but the population is given another key tool necessary for language acquisition: exposure outside the classroom.

The philippines has mastered english as a second language despite statistics that show large swaths of the country -- such as mindanao and eastern visayas -- have a less than 30 percent elementary school graduation rate.

They should consider not just better ways to teach english, but better ways to learn it.

English in the Philippines

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Universities hoping to attract more foreign students should consider how the philippines has significantly increased foreign student enrollments: top universities in the philippines teach all their classes in english.

Introducing english earlier in the education system in japan is a step in the right direction, as the philippines shows, english proficiency may not have that much to do with early grade school education.

.The philippines is in a unique position to benefit from the global demand for english education.

But a growing number of asian students are looking to an english-speaking country much closer to homethe philippines.

Learning English From a Filipino

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Although it is not the native language of most filipinos, english is an official language here.

, we can teach english well, but in terms of usage its still different when a native speaker is the one teaching.

, in an attempt to rectify its low status and aiming to make its economy more globally competitive, is considering introducing english education earlier, possibly in the third year of elementary school.

I was impressed that even people who had never stepped outside of the philippines were fluent in english.

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