Learn english online for arabic speakers

You're an arabic speaker and want to speak english, this will teach you the basics.

There is no difference between capital letters and lowercase letters, the sentences can be very long and punctuation is not used in the same way as in english.

Learn english online arabic speakers

Is no difference in arabic between complete and incomplete actions, so arabic students have problems with the present perfect tense:I wrote the email, so you can check it.

The most typical problem connected with arabic speakers pronunciation of english is that they usually cant see the difference between /p/ and /b/.

Learn english online for arabic speakers

. there is no /v/ sound in arabic, so students also have problems with words which have this sound and very often use /f/ instead:fast instead of vast.

.Learn the top 10 mistakes for Arabic speakers and find out how to learn English speaking easily with British English Online.

Statement in arabic becomes a question by putting a question mark when writing it and by changing your tone of voice when saying it.

In english, this is not enough and we need to change the word order or add do, does, or did.

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