Learning english topic

And their stories programs explain idioms and expressions that many learners of american english find difficult to understand.

You have done the english lesson, it is time to practice what you have learned using our fun but simple english games.

Learning english topic

English Topics - English you say without thinking

Not all English phrases are created equal! Some get used a lot by native speakers, though they don't even think about it. Find out ...

Topics select an ESL EFL topic for learners: divided into categories or age ranges topic categories include family body world school, ages are from 5 to 16+English conversation topics.

58 intermediate topics are:accommodation , adjectives , an accident , appearance , bathroom , bedroom , cafe , calendar , clothes , colours , countries , daily routine , dining room , dwellings , eating and drinking , european countries , facial features , family members , fruit and veg , garden , getting there , groceries , health problems , helping at home , hobbies a , hobbies b , holiday activities , holiday places , jobs , kitchen items , living room , lost property , means of transport , measurement , media , meeting places , numbers to 100 , numbers to 20 , on the table , parts of the body , pets , places , places in town , prepositions , rooms , school subjects , school uniform , shops , signs , sports , the classroom , the environment , time , verbs , weather , which way , work experience , workplacesback to topenglish topics | english lessons | english games | english tests | english vocabularyenglish activities home | about english activities | frequently asked questions | contact usprivacy | terms and conditionsselect your interface language:english | espaol | deutschselect your view:desktop | mobilecopyright 2017 ic language ltd - all rights reservedlearn languages freefrenchgermancastilian spanishlatin american spanishitalianwelshenglishchoose your interface languagelearn englishestudia inglsenglisch lernenmusic on winoffer to save high scoressave.

33 ENGLISH TOPICS with EXPLANATIONS. Learn English vocabulary and grammar in context

We learn English vocabulary and grammar in context. Watch all the playlist ...

Choose your level, use the button at the bottom of the red sign - click on intermediate to switch to intermediate topics, or, if you are viewing the intermediate topics, click on beginner to view the 10 picture beginner topics.

, to test what you have learned, you can do the english tests for your topicback to topenglish topics | english lessons | english gamesenglish tests | english vocabularyselect your topicyou start english activities by choosing the topic you want to learn or revise.

Lesson 54 - In the Kitchen - Learn English with Jennifer

Topic: In the Kitchen (grammar: prepositions and adverbs of location) Level: Beginner These are REAL lessons. No actors.

English as you read and listen to news and feature stories about health, medical and lifestyle topics.

Our english topics are 10 pictures (beginner topics) or 20 pictures (intermediate topics) each with an accompanying written text and spoken english recording.


English speaking practice. This video English lesson is a short version. We learn English conversation and english speaking ...

Testswords or sentenceschoose a topic by words or sentences10pictureswordssentenceschoose a topicyou are here:beginnersno topic selected yetshow me topics forintermediatecategorieschoose a topic from a groupactivityanimalsbodycoloursfamilyfoodgogrammarhomenumberspeopleplaceschooltimeworldloadingselect an english esl efltopic to starteach topic has 10 pictures (beginner) or 20 pictures (intermediate) with their accompanying written texts and spoken english recordings.

English as you read and listen to news and feature stories about world events and politics.


English speaking practice. There are 101 English conversations on different English topics Some misprints (on the left - the ...

See the help box below for instructions on how to select the first efl esl topic you wish to study.

56 beginner topics are:activity - daily routine , activity - hobbies , activity - holidays , activity - sports , animals - farm , animals - pets , body - hair colour and style , body - parts of the body , body - the head , colours , family - members , family - my siblings , food - drinks and snacks , food - fruit , food - groceries , food - restaurant , food - vegetables , go - means of transport , go - on holiday , go - where?

English Topics - English Conversation Strategies

In this lesson, Alisha and Michael will talk about English Conversation Strategies. Subscribe for more videos: ...

English as you read and listen to news and feature stories on music, pop culture, sports and the arts.

Can now choose your specific topic in two ways - by whether its language is composed of words or sentences or by category.

200 ENGLISH TOPICS for English speaking practice. Phrases in Engish speaking in context

There are 200 English topics in for speaking practice. Watch all the playlist ...