Learning english using the internet

In other words, little experience on the internet is an anxiety source for both second language learners and teachers.

Though it is a fact that the internet improves communicational and language skills, the significant point is that teachers and learners are not sometimes aware of why, how, whom and where they teach and learn.

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On the other hand, it should be known that the internet is not sufficient itself to teach and learn a second language.

So, apart from using some great internet sites for specifically practicing your english grammar, reading, etc.

Thus, research issue should focus on a great variety of the internet use in language learning and teaching such as attitudes of learners and teachers towards it, individual differences on using the internet, effective ways to use it, the suitability of educational and instructive purposes and the effects on teaching and learning.

For this purpose, before using the internet in second language learning and teaching activities, teachers and learners should be instructed.

You dont have to troll websites with english specific content to stay on top of your learning.

Thus, both teachers and learners should have the chance of internet accessibility, experience and familiarity with its functions in educational life.

Learning english via the internet

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According to the research activities, the internet changes the interaction between learners and teachers (kern, 1995): there is less teacher and more learner talk in computer classes.

Second, though a mass of materials in the internet can be found, integration of the materials into second language curriculum is a potential difficulty.

So, not only do you get to practice and improve your english, but you also stay informed.

Though the internet use in second and foreign language learning has brought certain advantages, it carries some disadvantages.

The internet, consisting of millions of computers, has an important role and great potential in educational life.

Unfortunately, internet use in language learning and teaching may be the waste of time if it does not depend on a language curriculum.

But, always remember that just because someone blogs in english a lot, it does not mean they are the authority on english writing and grammar.

It helps students to improve their computer skills, such as keyboarding skills, opening and storing files, internet searching (means and olson, 1997), and technical and conceptual experiences.

Statistics (the world bank, 2004) indicate that internet use depends on the financial situations of countries.

Learning english using internet

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Third, since the internet offers all types of topics, some of them are not unsuitable for school children who learn english as second language.

But you can also use internet based resources - that are not specifically aimed at improving your english - in a more creative way.

So pay attention to what you put on the internet and what others put online about you.

If you are not sure, write it down and ask someone who speaks english or your teacher to help you with the pronunciation.

To sum up, when the accessibility of overall population is considered, it is possible to say that the inequity issues in internet accessibility are discouraging for both language teachers and students in educational settings (mike, 1996).

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If you visit a website and they ask if you want to be on their mailing list (in english), why not say yes?

Additionally, the internet gives the opportunity to construct knowledge together by expressing themselves in print and then assessing, evaluating, comparing, and reflecting on their own views and those of others (warschauer, 1997).

In other words, the internet motivates learners to use english in their daily lives and provides functional communicative experiences ((leloup and ponterio, 1997).

Learning english using the internet

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For example, sports news, sports articles and sports bulletins are a great way to build up vocabulary and knowledge of use of english in sporttalk.

Watching these videos not only gives you excellent access to english, but also a lot of new ideas!

The internet is a platform for experiencing and presenting creative works such as essays, poetry and stories and for providing supplemental language activities in specific areas of language learning (singhal, 1997).

Consequently, problems on internet use focus on computer unavailability, lack of internet accessibility and training, computer anxiety, computer unfamiliarity of both teachers and students and some financial obligations.

First of two parts | ECONOMICS REPORTThe internet is full of sites specifically for practicing and learning english.

Problem is that the internet is not always accessible by all learners and teachers though english as a second language all over the world is taught widely.

Are some tips for using this great resource: when reading an article, try reading it out loud.

Activities show that there are some disadvantages of the internet use in second language learning.

Finally, the studies indicate that the internet has positive effects on motivation (muehleisen, 1997), provides means for creative works (singhal, 1997) and gives opportunities for collaboration and socialization in learning process (means and olson, 1997).

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Internet has provided us with amazing opportunities to stay connected, get hold of up-to-date and current information and find resources for anything from finding a new job to practicing your english with enormous amounts of online grammar exercises, reading, writing and listening activities, and speaking games.

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