List of english speaking countries in world

Greatest food perfect weather best beaches quality of life the best countries for travel nightlife lowest crime rates delicious beer < > collectionphoto: day donaldson list of countries, nations and states with an official language of english.

List of english speaking countries in world

A Complete List of English speaking Countries in the World

A Complete List of English speaking Countries in the World.

Get out there, take a look, and experience what cities and people all over the world have to offer.

English speaking nations in the world

Top 10 Countries With The Most English Speakers 2014

Which ten countries in the world have the most people who speak English?

1 united kingdom london the best southeast asian countries to visit the best european countries to visit 2 australia canberra 3 bahamas nassau 4 botswana gaborone 5 canada ottawa 6 cyprus nicosia 7 fiji suva 8 india new delhi 9 kenya nairobi 10 kiribati south tarawa 11 malta valletta 12 nigeria abuja 13 pakistan islamabad 14 papua new guinea port moresby 15 republic of ireland dublin 16 south africa bloemfontein, cape town, pretoria 17 new zealand wellington 18 singapore singapore 19 philippines manila 20 gambia banjul filed under: places/travel all countries + prev list more popular lists next list - the most beautiful places in america the coolest, best kept secrets of the disney parks the best german beers 10 things guys can do to be the perfect boyfriend the countries with the best quality of life the best concert movies streaming on hulu 18 pictures of taylor swift without makeup the countries with the best food the best countries to meet women 14 famous people who have phds 8 tv actors who turned out just like their characters the best countries for nightlife the most helpful disneyland tips & tricks the most beautiful women of all time how did every us state get its name?

English Speaking Countries - Countries and nationalities In this lesson I talk about English speaking countries and give some extra information such as ...


In this video you see the percantage of people speaking english in the 10 best english speaking countries of the european union.

Top 10 Countries By English Speaking Population

Top 10 Countries By English Speaking Population: 10. Italy Eligible Population - 59619290 % of English Speakers - 29 Total ...


Video realizado para las clases de inglés de la Escuela Primaria "Pedro de Alba" en sus diferentes grados, aquí se muestran ...