Native english teacher by skype

You want a teacher who works to take the stress out of learning then im right for you.

You want a teacher who believes in making english lessons fun, interesting and challenging, then im right for you.

It is much more motivation and a lot more fun learning via skype than sitting in a boring english class with a teacher in the front.

My online english lessons have helped learners from all over the world to become better language users.

Native english teacher by skype

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Of the teachers are tefl certified with experience teaching english in both the classroom and one-on-one settings.

I believe in having a positive, supportive relationship with all my students and they will all tell you how patient i am as a teacher.

Some teachers also use twitter as a tool to get students working intelligently while building relations.

While skype works for small-scale teaching, you need something more sophisticated for larger groups or getting your school or organisation online.

English lessons with native speaker in skype

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The good news is that online teaching opens up new levels of creativity and opportunity for you as a teacher.

I found a community of teachers onwiziqwho were very inspiring, and we worked together for two years on ouredupunkcreativity experiments.

Lessons can focus on: conversation & fluency, pronunciation, business english, grammar, or toefl/ielts/toeic preparation.

Its the simplest thing to do, as skype is very stable for audio quality and you simply screen-share your desktop to show powerpoint presentations or work directly from educational websites.

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For me, as a freelance teacher, associating with others on the cutting-edge of technology in education has been a huge motivational factor.

Work as anonline english teacherbecause im passionate about working with people from all over the world to help them achieve their dreams.

I cant imagine what it would be like to set oneself up on skype, post a few adverts around and then stare at your screen waiting for students to show up (if they ever do in this massive cyber vacuum where no one knows who you are).

"diane is the best teacher i've ever spoken to (i'd spoken to more than 25 english online tutors over skype).

This is a better learning option for learners who cant afford my english lessons but still want to learn english from me!

Studying with me means you focus exactly on your learning needs withan experienced language teacher who can help you to improve all your english skills.

I want my learners to be relaxed, to make mistakes and fall in love with english.

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Spoken englishremember sitting in english classes where you never got a chance to speak in english?

.Native speakersif you already know some basic grammar and know about 100 words, you need to start practicing speaking with native english speakers to become fluent in english.

When we meet for our demo class, we can test your internet connection to see if its fast enough for onlineenglish lessons.

I will also add you to my skype contacts list so that well be ready to talk to each other in the demo on skype.

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With 20 years of total english teaching experience and 10 years of online teachingi have the professional background toget fantastic results with my english learners.

Guinan, online english teacher and current winner of the british councilteachingenglish blog award, walks us through the opportunities and pitfalls.

On your englishduring a lesson, i will listen to how you use english and give you feedback on your vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

From a psychological point of view, 24/7 facilitation gives all students a chance to get the teachers undivided attention and helps shy students to open up more.