Skype interview english teacher

Dress well, nice background, create good lighting, position your webcam so the interviewer is not looking up your nose etc.

Are some tips to help you put your best foot forward and ace your teaching abroad interview on skype.

You don't have to sound condescending to pull this off and you may want to practice this before the interview.

Sure you have the interviewer's phone number handy so if the connection becomes poor, ditch skype and call them right away on the old fashioned telephone.

Schools normally book interviews back to back with applicants, so if youre late you throw off your interviewers entire schedule.

Are some basic ideas that may help you to cruise through an online interview and overcome the handicaps that this type of interview poses.

Kellenbergerjohn is our south korea expert - john began his career with reach to teach recruiting in 2006 as an esl teacher in taiwan.

Last thing you want to do is to introduce yourself to an interviewer and then have to spend time fiddling with your equipment (quiet at the back!

's still an interview for a job and it's still a business conversation between two professional people (unless one of you is wearing the fishnet stockings).

Skype interview english teacher

Are the most common mistakes that teachers make when they are about to embark on a teaching career in thailand?

: if you are applying to teach in korea or colombia, you will also have a skype interview with a representative in your respective country and all of these basic ideas apply to that interview as well.

It's a skype interview, human nature dictates that the environment is going to feel less formal' than a traditional job interview.

From all the feedback i got, the disadvantages of the skype interview seem to far outnumber the plus points.

Here are some of my tips and recommendations for how to succeed and make a good impression during your interview.

One hurdle of this (or any) type of interview is that you are giving answers to questions that nobody has asked.

In her opinion, this was just one reason why skype simply doesn't work for job interviews.

You dont want to start your interview and then find out that you webcam or speakers arent working properly.

You know that you are going to be having a skype interview, it's worth informing other members of the household that you do not want to be disturbed and that your interview room' is out of bounds for half an hour or so.

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Youre applying to teach english abroad in any of our destination countries, you will very likely be required to interview via skype webcam with a representative at greenheart travel.

I would certainly go for a nice open-necked shirt and trousers though - and i would consider that perfectly acceptable attire in which to face an interviewer.

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You have any more tips or skype interview stories to add, please send us your comments.

We're on the subject of skype interview attire, one of the dilemmas' facing the interviewee is that the interviewer won't be able to see what is below your waist - your bottom half' as it were.

Your interviewing for a teaching position, most likely with children, so remember to be as outgoing and talkative as you can.

Goes without saying but the interviewer will be able to see what's behind you - so pay attention to it!

's hard enough for thais to understand english, and without the body language and other advantages of a 'proper' interview, you may find yourself either having your statements misunderstood or simply not being understood at all.

I think there are arguments for and against wearing the same kind of attire that you would wear for a formal face-to-face interview - shirt and tie for a man; conservative business-style blouse for a woman - but this is definitely not the time for your favorite def leppard tour t-shirt with the out-of-shape neck.

Skype interview english teacher

Can usually tell with a few minutes at a face-to-face interview if an applicant is a definite no or a maybe and i find i can do the same on skype.

One of the most important steps before you leave your home country is your interview with your prospective recruiter or school.

The interviewer won't mind waiting a few seconds, especially if the pay off is worth it to him or her.

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Can't though underestimate the psychological aspect of wearing interview clothes' - even for a skype interview.

Those interviewing with representatives in colombia or korea, you will also receive a call from them around the time agreed upon, so just wait for them to call you.

Just as a woman feels like going to a party when she's dressed for a party, and a soldier feels like a soldier when he's in military uniform, your interview performance is sure to be enhanced if you're wearing the right clobber.

Will add you around 5-10 minutes before your interview, so keep an eye out for the request.

The skype interview' as it's become known, is still something of a mystery to many.

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Job application tips five tips to help you nail your teaching abroad interview on skype.

Should prepare for a skype interview in the same way as a normal interview with a few extras mentioned in the blog.

Rather than having 2-3 days of endless interview, we now have just 2 or 3 interviews for each post.

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of the skype interview compared to a traditional one?

The interview some applicants tend to forget that they are doing a video interview since there isnt someone sitting across the table from them.

Monotonous speech is boring and difficult to understand, especially on the phone or in a video interview.

Starbucks might sound like a good place for an interview, but in most cases its way too loud.

If you have the luxury of a portable laptop and wi-fi, then you'll probably choose to do the interview in front of the recently-painted french windows or a similar appealing backdrop.

Interviews are used as a last resort when looking at candidates for a job because it's a dreadful way to communicate, compared to a 'face to face' interview.

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Get really nervous for interviews, so i understand if you are nervous but take a deep breath and i promise ill be nice.

But if you just follow these, you'll find your online interviews will go a lot better than you had even hoped for.

I'm guessing the majority of people (me included) have never sat in front of their computer to take part in a formal job interview.

Are some helpful tips to keep in mind during your teaching abroad interview on SkypeUse the options below to search all of the available programs - you can filter them to reduce the results.

Is of course an ideal solution for schools in thailand - provided they have internet-savvy staff - inasmuch as a school can interview a potential teacher before that person has even left home and set foot in the country.

If a company has a job applicant who for geographical reasons is unable to attend a traditional face-to-face interview, it's still possible to get a feel for the candidate's job suitability by interviewing them via webcam.

There is nothing worse than spending 5 minutes at the beginning of the interview waiting for someone to figure out how to work skype and turn on the video.

Feedback i got from people with lots of experience using skype for interviews included one lady who said you have to be careful not to talk at the same time as the interviewer.

Interviewers will be able to gauge your personality well enough, without you having to resort to jokes and off-topic anecdotes.

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Youre applying to teach English abroad in any of our destination countries, you will very likely be required to interview via Skype webcam with a rep.

Why the english program in korea (epik) and not a private school (or vice versa)?

And on skype, the first impression an interviewer will get of you is from your skype profile picture.

The content of the article covers generic ground for a skype interview there's a glaring omission that needs to be addressed.

Do some research on the school; your recruiter should be able to help prepare you for some of the questions you might be asked during the interview.

Use skype as an initial interview and if they seem ok, we do a second skype interview then we get them in for a second interview in our offices with the view to hiring them.

The conversation to regular interview topics like your background, your work experience and those all-important questions about the vacant job and you won't go far wrong.

Also keep in mind that the person on the other end might not be a native english speaker.

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