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Snowbound in Roche Harbor

As I sit here at my little desk, sipping on a whiskey ginger, staring out at Roche Harbor from the topmost Quarryman suite (amazing by the way) I have to say, I’m grateful for this trip to this quaint little town. Spun and I have never visited the San Juan Islands before and I have to say, they’re stunning … well the parts that we’ve seen at least. The ferry ride in from Anacortes was excellent. We went out onto the bow a couple times and boy, was that cold. From inside we were able to see a number of small, uninhabited islands which the captain gracefully navigated around like the driftwoodtrees that seemed to perpetually inch its way in front of our our vessel. The sun broke through the clouds a hand full of times and lit up the Puget Sound like it was on fire. Once we arrived in Friday Harbor, we zig-zagged our way across the island to Roche Harbor. This place is adorable. I can only imagine coming here in the summer time. It’d be amazing to run along the beach, watch fireworks, eat ice cream and funnel cake and sit on the lawn while the sun sets over Canada.

For now, it’s 29ºF but feels like 17º with ~20 winds. Not quite the summer vacation or island hopping most people do in February, but we’re not your run of the mill Seattlites either. I will say that the massive winds (topped out around 60 mph gusts last night) made for some gorgeous drifts along the beaches and in the sculpture park at the edge of the Roche Harbor Resort. Also, given that I think we’re one of two or three guests staying out here this week on the ENTIRE resort, everything is unscathed. A vast tundra of uncharted white, blown about by salty fresh air. When there’s a lull, it’s truly silent. No traffic, no horns, no dogs barking or planes flying overhead … just loons, seagulls and bald eagles . The audio pollution matches the light pollution as well. Last night we could see countless stars. This truly is a NW sanctuary.

So as I warm up by the gas fireplace I’ll try to sock away these frosty memories for when I’m back in the fluorescent glow of the office, surrounded by the hum of technology and city life. Serenity now.

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