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El Raval … Just another manic monday with graffiti, gambas, ganja and girls

Today started out rough. I mean, after having my arse handed to me in gin rummy by my bride, drinking two bottles of wine, the discovery of Cava, two pitchers of sangria and a pair of beers between the two of us … it makes sense that today wouldn’t be the crown jewel of the vacay. And it poured. Oh and did I mention that all of the museums are closed on Mondays? We ought to have known. So, hung over and heading out into the world we had the odds stacked against us. We set out to find Picasso’s absinthe bar. Great idea, yeah? Oh it’s in the skeeviest portion of the city. After passing some super legit girls working the ave in hot pants and fish nets we saw the bar, realized it was closed and sought out the closest establishment we could find that had tapas, bebidas y wifi. After a few hours of just relaxing, we went to Can Lluis. This place was great. Tons of folks kept walking into the back room. All gents over 60. A real “family” joint if you will. Gambas, vino negre, lamb ribs, asparagus i fideuà … Catalan noodles with seafood. This isn’t your run of the mill rice-a-roni dish. Those mussels were the jam son.

After a fine dinner, the first real one here, we scoped out much more graffiti. A lot of it. Fun stuff this walk. There will be a whole post or two just devoted to the graffiti, but this friend was fun. All in all, a fine day. Oh, and we were offered “HashMarijuanaCocaine?” three separate times on the walk to the train by some sketchy Pakistani dudes with half racks of Estrella Damm on Las Ramblas. Do I really look like the hash or coke kind of guy? Oh well. Tomorrow, Dalí in Figueres. Cannot wait to see this artist who has captivated me for ages.

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