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“Fourth” Sunday Supper Club

Thanks to everyone who turned out for the slightly delayed Third Sunday Supper Club last night. The theme was “Comfort Food” and we figured that there would either be feast or famine when it came to Mac ‘n’ Cheese. Despite the famine in this category, we were dazzled by the other dishes presented. Cassoulet, cheesy potatoes, cheesy hash browns, lasagna, pumpkin risotto, beef stew, ice cream with tons of toppings, apple and pear crisp, and of course a few great bottles of wine. One that stood out was Chateau St Michelle’s 2007 Columbia Valley Syrah. While it would have been well paired with any of the food, we got to it before the meal and it held up fine on its own.

Thanks to all who made it, if you wouldn’t mind, throw your recipes in the comments below so that we can all enjoy your brilliance. Ah and gear up for next month … the theme will be “food inspired by Radiohead.” So get out your big recipes that take 15 Steps, buy some In Rainbows sorbet, and above all else, bring your Kid A game. This one is going to be fun.

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