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Third Sunday Supper Club — Radiohead

Despite being the smallest of the dinner parties to date, 7 attending, we had a plethora of food to enjoy. No need for concern on main meals, sides or even desserts, everything was covered in spades.

I digress. This month’s theme was Radiohead and was open to extreme interpretation for culinary inspiration. Spun and I made two dishes: chicken cordon bleu and somewhat disfigured marshmallow Peeps. Odd combo? Well yes, until you’ve listened to Bodysnatchers or Myxomatosis. The former was delicious and the latter was just a bit too much of a creepy spin on a sugary, spring treat.


Others brought dishes inspired by other songs like Upside Down, a rice and lamb dish that had a presentation of flipping the cast iron skillet over, “korma please” which was a spin off of Karma Police and enforced a wonderful unique flavor. The biggest stretch of the night was one based off of “food that was likely eaten by a Polish composer who inspired much of Radiohead’s work” … It was subtly pickley and really quite well paired with the eclectic mix.

Dessert was another show altogether. Pearly was represented by large pearl tapioca and cherry topping … note that this is the first time I’ve ever enjoyed tapioca! Ambrosia to showcase the varying colors and textures found in their music and “chocolate and biscuit” because, well, it’s just good. :-)

Recipes and other links to more photos below in the comments. Thanks all for making it another delicious night off the town.



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  1. Jill
    Posted April 18, 2011 at 9:28 am | #

    Thank you Smitten & Spun and Mr. Pudding Man.

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