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What’s Up Buttercup? iPhone HDR Cheats

So I’m rocking those two favorite apps of mine again this morning to get this photo, Pro HDR (used in a previous post Sunshine and Graffiti Soaked Alleyways ) and my well used, but loaded with surprises, The Best Camera. So I threw on the “Paris” filter to give the shot some really high contrast, but surprisingly it totally flattened out the yellow to be a muted grey.


After playing around with a couple settings in Pro HDR I finally got the shot above. Below is is what happens if you put in the photos the way it expects you to, lights properly exposed in the lights, darks properly exposed for the dark photo. Note that this still will work, even if one is black and white as you can see here.

So what sort of HDR tricks have you pulled out of your camera bag? Send me a link and I’ll include it in the post. Always good to share the love on how-to’s for these sorts of things.


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