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I’m pissed. So is Spun. Our neighborhood has been ransacked by orange paint … and it signifies the death of hundreds of maturing bushes, hedges, trees and other plants that have been here for years. Including this gorgeous dogwood. I have no idea who decided it would be a wise move to chop down the privacy tree between us and our neighbor, but kudos, we can now see into each other’s living rooms. Oh and by thinning out all of the bushes, your slaying a pretty decent bee population as well as reducing security to ground floor windows around the neighborhood. Did I mention you’re updates will give us a nice sterile apartment look? Rad. Thanks. Remind me to never buy into an HOA ever again.


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  1. corinne
    Posted June 23, 2011 at 9:14 am | #

    ugh! i’m so sorry. do you know anyone on the HOA? though i’m sure you could barely stomach being around the group at the time being, perhaps you might consider serving on the board, so that your voice might be heard.

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