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Maker’s and Honesty, on the Rock

I love finding random things in the alley. Like today, there was a bike that had been stripped of everything directly behind me as I was shooting this photo against a wall of windows that at some point had been painted from the inside, years ago, and was peeling because of decay. Rarely do I find poetry though as I roam through alleys, so today was a treat. Couple that with the tiny bottle of Maker’s Mark and you’re set up for a perfect Tuesday photo. Without further ado, here’s the full poem entitled Credibility:

sipping on a seasonal cordial
with an old friend from college.

That old law school in Cambridge.

Reminiscing lengthy expensive courses
subsidized with cannabis
revitalized by coffee
and endless copulation.

Investing fathers cash
he left before dying of cancer

in a clean

Ah, the good ol’ days where poor life decisions became fodder for poetry. Oh how I miss thee.


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