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Cooking Oil Can Henry

I’m going to lay it out there. I love Henry. This guy makes me smile. Which is exactly his point. I love his placement, his rudimentary lines, his characters and his passion for art after reading his story in the Seattle Weekly last week. I’ve loved his wheatpaste graphics around town as well as his murals. I’m elated that he’s selling so many canvases. We’d love to have one in our house at some point. There’s a perfect wall in our kitchen that can use this sort of sunshine he provides. Naked City Brewery has a pretty great showing of a lot of his big canvases.

Sincerely, thank you Henry for making Seattle a bit sunnier with your art. You’re on to something that Narboo and others are pulling off. Making graffiti fun, not just a tag or an eyesore. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some spray can work when it’s done right, but more often than not, it’s not art. This is a fun art for the masses. Kudos sir. I look forward to meeting you at some point and thanking you in person for your creativity and unique perspective you’ve given to Seattle.

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