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Rooftop Worthy Sunrise

This morning’s sunrise lasted, what seemed like forever. While I was shaving, Spun was giving me the play by play of how the colors were morphing from deep purples to reds to magentas. All of which were more saturated and deeper than we generally tend to see.

After throwing on some clothes worthy of hiking out our third story window to perch on the roof, I was elated to see that Mt Rainier was out in full force, with snow drifting from the summit down the east slope. The sky crescendoed into brilliant shades of yellow, orange, magenta, and spread so far north and west that when Spun took a look out the window, her face was beautifully cast in a rich, soft pink glow.

I returned back in from my perch, put the screen back on the window and looped back through the dozen or so photos I snagged. I was able to get a panorama that doesn’t really do the colors justice. They’re blown all the way to primary colors, missing thousands of subtle heavenly hues that were silently soaring above us. Both feature Mt Rainier in them in the bottom right corner. Feel free to click the image below for a really big version of it.

What a show. So much color!! For everyone who missed it and is bemoaning the grey skies that we have now, I hope these photos bring a little color to your day.


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