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Chapter 3: Sunshine & Roses

Let’s be perfectly clear. This chapter won’t all be sunshine and roses. There will be adversity, heartache, introspection, late nights and early mornings, tears shed, new friends, grand sky scrapes and placid oceans.

This page begins the chapter in my career where I take action for what’s right for me. I push my boundaries and dive deeper into a handful of things, mastering my craft again, like I did for so many years with ActionScript. Now I have new brushes: node.js, MongoDB, jQuery, and a network of peers that believe in my skills and vision for creating something worthwhile ahead. [Thank you!]

This chapter will also see a stronger commitment to those I love. Gone are the back to back to back 100 hour weeks where my fingers caressed a keyboard infinitely more than the nape of my bride’s neck. Balance will be sought and hopefully found. Fresh vibrant air will be consumed more than recirculated beige office air. Cards will be played and food will gain its rightful place at my life’s table again … this time involving the preparation again, not just the consumption.

This chapter will be introspective. I’m looking forward to discovering things about myself that I have glossed over in the past few years of just running. Intentionally pausing and spending time in deep reflection will ensure my core stays lit up such that I can continue spreading light.

I can’t promise this will be a page turner, but I can say that I’m diving deeper and fostering a more unified world of truth and respect thanks to the way the last chapter was penned.

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