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3rd Sunday Pink Party Prefunk: Employees Only Lady Shirley Cocktail

Before I started drinking when I was 28, I drank a ton of Shirley Temples. Pitchers of them in fact.

When we were in New York back in October a long lost friend took us to a hole in the wall place called Employees Only. In front, there’s a psychic. Behind a velvet curtain and an unassuming front is a phenomenal speak easy. EO pours some of the most amazing drinks I’ve ever had, including the best Manhattan in Manhattan. Another drink on their menu is the Lady Shirley, which with a splash of bourbon and some freshly squeezed lemon is exactly what I should have been drinking all those years.

As we prep for our monthly 3rd Sunday Supper Club, where the theme is pink, I’m enjoying a bit of nostalgia with the grenadine, lemon, and maraschino cherries but this new bourbon twist. Perhaps I’ll bust it out for everyone else to enjoy tonight as well.

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