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Cannon Beach: Sometimes the small things are huge

This weekend I learned a few things from hanging out with two of the coolest kids in the world.

1) Pickles live in attics … which is likely why seagulls knock at windows upstairs and

2) The little things in life put the big things into a better perspective.

More often than not, we race through our work week, pining for the weekend, hat concert, or the next vacation. There were so many moments that we spent playing dominoes, building sand castles, throwing a frisbee, getting chased by waves, feeding seagulls, exploring pipes with awful green bubbly slime, that all in all, I probably got no more than 10 hours of sleep for the weekend.

We packed each day full to the brim, and I’m going I ensure that once I get that sleep back, I keep up this mantra … enjoying every waking moment with those I love. Whether we’re exploring tide pools or just laying in the sun on the couch, there’s always something to smile and giggle about. You just have to have some imagination and a unique perspective on the world around you.

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