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This is NOT a Picture Opportunity

By now you probably know I like juxtapositions … and witty graffiti … well and Banksy because he does both. He’s tagged “This is not a photo opportunity” all over London and the other day when Spun and I enjoyed lunch from the yellow chairs below, we were startled to see someone pay tribute to that same line here in Seattle. Love it.

Today is going to be stunning. Spun was out running in Seward Park at the crack of dawn with a soft blanket of pine needles under her feet, a majestic gold and pink Mt Rainier off across the mirror-like water of Lake Washington. I skated down past the old 619 building where I saw an abandoned “artist’s smock” made out of hangers and doused in paint that rained down from the roofline, splashing across the parking lot, billboards, etc.


Down to Pier 62 & 63 along the Puget Sound I zipped, weaving in and out of ferry commuters. Two bodies of water sharing absolutely gorgeous views with two bodies made mostly of water. Air was crisp, not a cloud in the sky. What a perfect way to round out our Indian summer and welcome in Fall.


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