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From Eddy to Stream

Earlier this week I had a bit of a summer vacation. Four days of being on call to fix bugs, but mostly working on the house. These four days were a rare lull in the ever flowing stream of my career that bends and changes through the years. Despite the record breaking heat wave, I even had time to pick up a new sport that I’ve longed to learn for ages, skateboarding, as well as restore a classic Eames metal lounge chair that had been spray painted black decades ago.

This final leg marked the culmination in my journey of deep introspection, which began in June of 2008, working from home. I’m grateful for the opportunity that Tarsin gave me to help shape an incredible new platform, while at the same time cultivating ME.

Yesterday I left my eddy of introspection and entered the stream again. I began working for All Star Directories as a Web Designer. There is a tremendous pile of to-do’s to manage as well as an equal pile of what-if-we…’s. Both of which are exciting undertakings.

I’m looking forward to what each new bend and twist in the stream will bring, but for now, I’m pacified by the tranquility of the eddy.

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